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One month before move

1-2 weeks before move4

Moving/Arrival day & after

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Two Weeks Before the Move    

  • Take a ruthless walk-through to determine what you really want to take
  • Tag the rest of it and do a car boot sale; or call a charity for pick-up
  • Clean out club, gym and school lockers; pick up all dry cleaning
  • Arrange for the disconnection or changeover of utilities
  • Have measurements taken of the rooms in your new residence and use floor plans to determine where everything will go
  • Begin packing less-used items.  Number and label each box, and keep an inventory
  • Retrieve and return all borrowed items from neighbours & friends; return library books
  • Clean out the cupboards & plan remaining meals so you can pack what you don't need, and don't buy any more perishables than you have to

One Week Before the Move

  • Make an inventory list of all items going with you personally.   Keep valuable and irreplaceable items such as jewellery and heirlooms with you, not movers
  • Confirm arrangements and dates with moving & storage companies
  • Confirm arrangements with auto & pet transportation companies
  • Confirm hotel, hire car or temporary housing accommodations
  • Start running down food in the fridge/freezer
  • Change your insurance policies on property, motor and medical
  • Disassemble furniture or other items
  • Be sure to check garden, sheds and lofts for all items to pack
  • Inform all friends & relatives of your forwarding address
  • Take pictures of furniture or get fabric samples for anything you will want to reference for colour or decorating before your goods are delivered to your new home.
  • Set aside a box of cleaning supplies and the vacuum cleaner
  • Begin making a "Survival Box" for the move.  This should include such items as; paper, pens, stamps, envelopes, cellophane & heavy duty tape, scissors, tape measure, paper cups, carrier bags, paper plates & towels, plastic utensils, facial & toilet tissue, instant coffee or tea, cream/sugar, soap, moist wipes, aspirin, plasters, can opener, bottled water, travel alarm, torch, small tool kit, black bin liners, snacks and drinks, children's games, address book, spare car keys, phone books for the town you are leaving and your destination.


The information contained within this checklist is intended as a guide only and Gillera Transport Services shall not be liable for any consequential, incidental or direct damages suffered in the course of using the information.

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